Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

You've decided an aircraft is what you need and understand the tremendous benefits, great! The acquisition process can be complicated and is not the equivalent of buying a car. It is important to choose a knowledgeable broker with background in the type of aircraft you are considering purchasing. Gateway Jets will run an independent market report on the type of aircraft you are searching for and guide you through this important journey ensuring you receive a well represented airplane at the best price possible!

Specializing in just 4 types of aircraft (Listed here in our Aircraft Section) allows Gateway Jets to become experts on the buying, selling, managing, and flying of those airplanes.

A typical purchase takes between 30-60 days, and with Gateway Jets you will have a dedicated manager working exclusively with you.  We are not a large volume broker, however we work with clients building a long term relationship providing exceptional customer service.  We specialize in Citation Jet aircraft transactions - www.CitationJetX.com  

Selective Aircraft Buying/Selling:  Gateway Jets generally lists aircraft for sale that we are familiar with and can stand behind.  We will also never push an aircraft that is wrong for your budget or mission.

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