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CJ3 / CJ3+


CJ3 / CJ3+

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Production years:  2004-2014 / 2014 - present
Number produced:  413 / 180+ 
Real-world cruise speed:  415 knots
Real-world range max fuel:  1500 NM
Real-world range 4 passengers:  1200 NM
Gallons per hour:  150 
Seats: 2 cockpit, 4 club, 2 forward facing, 1 side facing, optional belted lavatory. 
Typical asking price:  $3.8M / $5.4M


The CJ3 offers 24 inches more than the CJ2 while keeping the same seat arrangement, improving passenger comfort. Cessna truly over-delivered on the CJ3, making it a top choice for pilots and passengers. Collins Proline 21 is standard. ​The CJ3+ uses the same airframe but has the G3000 cockpit suite and a fresh cabin design.

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