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CJ2 / CJ2+


CJ2 / CJ2+

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Production years:  2000-2005 / 2005-2014
Number produced:  241 / 224
Real-world cruise speed:  390/400 knots
Real-world range max fuel:  1400 NM
Real-world range 4 passengers:  1100 NM
Gallons per hour:  140
Seats: 2 cockpit, 4 club, 2 forward facing, optional side facing, optional belted lavatory.
Typical asking price:  $2.25/$3M

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The CJ2 cabin stretches 33 inches beyond the CJ, and although it’s faster and larger, it only consumes slightly more fuel. Best of all, the CJ2+ eliminates the limited zero fuel weight number of the CJ2. The CJ2+ offers an integrated Collins ProLine 21 suite over the hybrid arrangement in the CJ2. The CJ2+ also incorporates FADEC, easing pilot workload and increasing engine performance and cruise speeds. Many CJ2s have been upgraded to the dual Garmin GTN 750 GPS.

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