Citation Mustang


Citation Mustang

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Year Produced:  2007-2017 
Number Produced:  478
Real World Cruise Speed:  335
Real World Range Max Fuel:  900NM
Real World Range 4 Passengers:  550NM
Gallons Per Hour:  95
Seats: 2 Cockpit, 4 club
Typical asking price:  $1.6M


The Mustang was Cessna’s first “clean sheet” design since the CJ 15 years prior and offers a great entry into the jet world.  Cruise fuel burns can be as low as 75 gal / hr  with a ceiling of 41,000 feet.  Operating costs are often less than competing single engine turboprops.  The G1000 is standard, upgradable to the G1000NXI.  Cessna offers a “High Sierra” edition with a refined leather interior and all avionics features. The Mustang’s systems are simple and reliable. Pilots genuinely love flying this plane! 

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