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Production years:  2010 – present 
Number produced:  225+
Real-world cruise speed:  430 knots
Real-world range max fuel:  2000 NM
Real-world range 4 passengers:  1600 NM
Gallons per hour:  180
Seats: 2 cockpit, 4 club, 2 forward facing, 1-2 side facing, optional belted lavatory. 
Typical asking price:  $5.7M


The CJ4 is almost a class of its own, with improvements in cabin room, wing design, hydraulics, power, even the windshield! CJ4s populate more corporate fleets than owner hangars due to their complexity and Collins avionics. Its Vne speed of 305 knots and Mmo of .77 are a large step up from other CJs. Down low, the CJ4 can cruise over 450 knots, just shy of the Phenom 300 and slightly slower than similar Lears. The cabin stretches 2 feet past the CJ3 with the same configuration, offering even more leg room. Add cabin refinements, an externally serviced lav, and single-point refueling, and it’s easy to see why corporations love this plane. February 2021 introduced the CJ4 Gen 2 with a refined passenger experience.

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