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Personal Flight Management

Ever wanted the speed and convenience of a personal plane without the complexity of maintaining it? Gateway Jets is a full-service aircraft management company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Arrive and fly.

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Let the experts handle the details

We can help you buy or sell aircraft, choose the right flight crew, and keep your plane(s) in top shape and ready to go. Gateway Jets offers a great alternative to charter and fractional programs, making flight safe, easy, and comfortable, the way air travel should be.

Enjoy the benefits

With any private flight service, you’ll gain precious time, catching that ball game or simply sleeping in rather than waiting in crowded terminals. But at Gateway Jets, you and your partner(s) will travel in your plane, instead of passing it around among multiple strangers and settling for other aircraft when yours is out. 

Whether you’re shopping for your first plane, your “last” plane, or a corporate  fleet, we can help. We’ll review your needs to determine the best choices for you and manage your planes like they’re our own. We specialize in the Citation line of aircraft and have a site that covers over a dozen models friendly to a variety of preferences.



Our mission

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We strive to provide the best aviation experiences in the St. Louis area, with clean, safe, legal, and well-stocked aircraft ready to fly at a moment’s notice. We understand that your needs are unique, so we offer customized services with exceptional value.

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Our offerings

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We analyze your needs to determine which models suit you best and act as your broker during the buying process. Even if you’re completely familiar with aviation sales, we may have new options for you to consider.


We take care of all the details, from cabin cleaning to regulation compliance, to ensure your aircraft will be safe, legal, clean, and ready to fly.

Flight crews


Gateway invests significant time and effort in selecting the best pilots we can find. Of course, our pilots exemplify high standards of safety and experience, but they represent the finest customer service as well.

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