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How We're Different 
We pride ourselves on safety and customer service. Gateway Jets offers a more personal touch for you and your airplane than a national outfit. We're flexible and strive to make every flight the way private air travel should be.

Our goal is simple: We work for you to provide the safest and most efficient means for your company when it comes to business travel.

Enjoy the benefits of more nights at home, less missed games, and increased productivity without worrying about your aircraft.

We can manage your existing aircraft or find partners for the next step up. Gateway Jets offers straight forward aircraft management with integrity. Everything is always passed through and never marked up.

All pilots are trained to the highest FAA standards and screened not just for their skills, but for professionalism and personality. We specialize in highly reliable and efficient turbine aircraft with proven track records. No shortcuts are taken.
Gateway Jets is based in St. Louis, unlike other "fractional" programs where it's unlikely you'll be on the same aircraft twice. Instead of choosing from a limited number of program aircraft we find your best match of aircraft for YOUR mission.
We are the St. Louis Metro Area's only locally based shared ownership program. Rather than being sold a product, we find compatible partners in any aircraft from TBM single engine turbo-props to Mid Cabin jets. Gateway Jets offers a much better alternative to charter and fractional schemes.
What We Do
Gateway Jets offers aircraft management services for your corporate aircraft in addition to helping find compatible partners if you'd like to offset the cost of ownership. You'll have direct access to the aircraft at its base here in St. Louis and know your pilots by name. Let us be your gateway into the jet world!
Contact Us:  314-203-4712